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Why choose Northway Mining?

We're the Northeast's premier crypto-hosting facility.

Cutting-edge Security

We offer state-of-the-art security including continuous camera recording, night-vision, motion activation, and automatic text notification to onsite staff. Our security and compliance policies are based on advanced infrastructure, expert support, and 24/7 monitoring.

Social Responsibility

Northway Mining is dedicated to community development. We hire locally whenever possible, practice adaptive reuse of abandoned / derelict properties, and are an equal opportunity employer. Our goal is to always do business in a socially responsible, ethical, and transparent way.

Built for miners

Designed and run by crypto architecture thought leaders, Northway is leading the way when it comes to delivering fully-customized cryptomining solutions. Our facilities are purpose-built with the unique challenges of cryptomining in mind.

What is Cryptomining?

Learn more about this pioneering technology

Confused about crypto? Well, you’re certainly not alone. The primary goal of any cryptomining operation is to make certain the same crypto token isn’t spent twice – which I done by using special software to solve complex mathematical algorithms to validate blockchain network transactions. The blockchain protects transaction data via encryption and stores this data in a decentralized system made up of hard drives and servers from all over the world. This means no one single entity is able to gain control of a network. 


Crypto by the Numbers

Million blockchain wallet users
Million Bitcoin in circulation
Crypto transactions per hour
Year the last Bitcoin will be mined

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